What They’re Saying About ANNIE!

There are so many wonderful reasons to come see Annie at SLTC… Here are some of them!

“It’s the best! The cast was exceptional and a great local theater.” -Nicole Cooper Bonny

“Just saw Annie with my husband tonight there. We both loved the show. SLTC puts on an outstanding performance of Annie. Talented actors and especially the kid actors. The girl who played Annie was great and we loved the very young girl (shortest of the orphans) as she stole the show during the orphan songs with her expressiveness and faces she made. This was the second time I saw Annie performed here and I have also been to Scrooge a few times. I love this theater and we are looking to get season tickets to see a few more shows this season.” –Jaime Gallagher Hrzic

Annie was spectacular. Incredible talent, stunning costumes, and remarkable scenery. My young daughter was riveted, and we really had the best night. Meeting the cast afterwards was so much fun–I think she expected Daddy Warbucks to adopt her! It was my first show at SLTC and I will definitely be back. So well done! -Julia Moses

“Another outstanding performance by SLTC! All the children dancing & singing to the orchestra were wonderful! Annie, Warbucks and supporting cast were great!” -Paul Dlugos

“LOVED this show! You did not disappoint as always. I’ve seen Annie 3 times on Broadway and you guys nailed it. Bravo!” -Cathleen Walsh-Durkac

“I’ve seen it on Broadway also, and have to say I would never go to NY again for a show if they have them like this here in Spring Lake, it was excellent, everyone it was excellent….what a wonderful production.” -Ann Connors

“I am always happy to go to the Spring Lake Theatre. This may be my second or third year buying season tickets. Last night I saw Annie. Wow! What a performance! It us indeed like going to NYC but staying and enjoying quality theatre in our backyard. Congratulations! The cast outdid themselves, the music was great, the props and costumes were beautiful. Thank you for a wonderful evening.” -Maria Pinhal

“Doesn’t get any better than Spring Lake Theatre! Sets and costumes superb! Performers are outstanding!” -Maureen Machirella

“We attended yesterday evening’s performance of Annie. It was a wonderful production, filled with a superb cast, imaginative sets, costumes, and great music. This is a show that never grows old, no matter how many times it is produced throughout our country. I’ve seen versions of Annie at other theatres; the Spring Lake production was the best. It was interesting to read the cast bios and learn that many of the principals are longtime participants in this theatre’s various classes and productions. Congratulations on another terrific show! We look forward to attending “The Music Man” next month!” -Bonnie Graham

“When my granddaughter was 5 we saw Annie. She is now 10 and we saw the show again on Saturday night. What a fabulous performance. We were glued to the stage. You guys bring such joy to everyone. Carly was able to speak & get her picture taken with the lovable & talented Annie. THANK YOU ALL!” -Dorothy McGinley

“The best show ever. So professionally done. Loved every minute of it. A must see!” -Eileen Farrell

“Amazing show from the cast, music, and set! Great singing and dancing. Looking forward to my next visit.” -Debbie Sierotowicz

“Enjoyed the show so much! The dancing and singing were terrific! My grandson loved it!” -Michael Evelyn Hagan

“FANTASTIC performance by everyone. Everyone lived up to their parts and it was wonderfully cast. Thoroughly enjoyed it.” -Fran Pace Rozansky

“The show was terrific. Large cast and everyone put on a tremendous performance. My husband, myself and our 16-year-old grand daughter thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Annie and Molly—super!! Of course, the whole cast did a wonderful job—even Sandy was a charmer!” -Anne Hilton

“The performance of Annie on Saturday night July 8, 2017 = Wonderful!!!” -Nancy Dillon-Havemann

“You would think she (Marybeth Dorman Jacobson playing Miss Hannigan) was Carol Burnett. Great performance… One of the best shows I have seen at Spring Lake Theatre. The cast was wonderful, I thought I was on Broadway. Never disappointed with any show I have seen. Annie was was great. I thought Daddy Warbucks could not have been better. An amazing cast!” –Marie Sinibaldi Karpeles

“Annie was phenomenal, memorable, fantastic! The theater is charming. We couldn’t believe the quality of the set! It was a great experience. Five of us attended—two from Nashville, one from Brooklyn and two who recently moved to the shore area. Godspell was our first experience at Spring Lake. We’ll be back.” -Jane Reynolds

“What a performance! It was awesome!” –Megan Dill Carnahan 

“Fun show!!! Loved it!!!” Pamela Martin 

“This was a fantastic show, it moved along and kept me enthralled with each new scene , the orphans were great and all of the cast played their parts well. Loved it!!!” Sue Williams

It was great! Such a talented bunch!”Mary Ann Rakowski

“We loved it!! Thank you to all the talented actors and production staff.”Shereen Semple 

“Annie was better than I expected. All good singers, orphans very well rehearsed, Daddy Warbucks & Miss Hannigan impressive, and orchestra had a couple outstanding brass players who helped a lot.” Tom Burtnett 

“The show was AMAZING last night!” Peggy Krasutsky Dengler

“Just saw Annie last Saturday and it was FANTASTIC! One of the best SLTC productions we have ever seen…and we have been season ticket subscribers for many years. It’s a great show for all ages – we brought our 80+ year old parents and they loved it as much as any of the kids in the audience. Bravo and kudos to the cast and crew.” -Charlotte Aylor-Diaz

“Annie was an absolutely delightful show. The entire cast was phenomenal and the sets were great! I want to see it again!” -Gaylen Nolan



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