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“Such a great show! My cheeks hurt from smiling!” -Megan Winchester

“Absolutely beautiful theatre in a gorgeous 90+ year old building. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Seussical was amazing! Loved it! Especially loved Claude Schmincke as the Cat in the Hat and Bridget Hughes as Gertrude McFuzz. Thank you for a wonderful time!” –Colleen Hogan Wilson

“If you have kids, and they like Dr. Seuss, they will love this musical.” -Dan McDonald

“It was fabulous! Three generations and we all loved it.

When I was a little girl, I kept a copy of Horton Hatches the Egg on the back seat of my Mother’s red convertible for at least five years, knew it by heart and adored it – and Horton!

Despite always knowing this and how much I loved Horton, even I was surprised by my very intense (and emotional) support for Horton’s egg hatching love, care and ultimate success the other night. My congratulations to the talented performers who were so very successful at touching all our hearts.

What a perfect example Horton’s story, love and commitment is for all of us no matter what our age. Let’s never forget and pass it down through every generation on the Spring Lake Theatre stage.” -Bobbi Gille

“Set is beautiful.” -Susan Rigby

“The show was great! I love the colors and fun energy!” -Mari Manhardt

Speaking to the Cat in the Hat, “I want to be like you when I grow up.”  -Little girl

“This was a spectacular performance. My girls and I truly enjoyed it.” -Joanna Calabrese Ariyan

“Saw Seuss opening night. Show was fantabulous. Keegan Foy was incomparable as JoJo. Joe Ronga sure did hear a Who as Horton, as well as so many laughs and thunderous applause. The Wickershams & Birds were all dynamite. A great time from 5 to 85!” -Tom Considine

“Anything’s Possible!! I saw Seussical on Saturday. I was blown away by the superb acting! Such talent! Adorable!” -Pamela Martin

“Amazing show for all ages. The kids loved the colorful costumes and animated scenes. The cast was available on stage after the show to provide autographs, which the children in the audience loved. Horton was captivating and endearing. Fabulous production and wonderful cast. Bravo.” -Sharon Hudson

Thank you to our patrons for taking the time to review our production of Seussical. As always, we couldn’t do what we do without you!

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