Meet the Cast of Seussical!


Loretta Boyle (Sour Kangaroo) is always thrilled to be performing on the Spring Lake Stage! Many thanks to Kerry, Christine, Andrew and Pat for bringing the magic of Seuss to life. Some of Loretta’s favorite roles with Spring Lake Theatre Company include Adelaide in Guys and Dolls, Abigail Adams in 1776, Lady Thiang in The King and I and Smitty in How to Succeed just to name a few. Loretta also most recently appeared as Momma Rose in Gypsy with Phoenix Productions. Loretta thanks her family and friends for their support , especially Todd Aikens for his constant encouragement. She dedicates this performance to her favorite nephews Miles and Charlie. #yop!!!

Michele Clark (Baby Kangaroo) is 11 years old and is thrilled to be apart of Seussical. Michele is presently apart of our dance competition team here at SLTD. She also has taken dance and theater here since she was little. Michele participated in Scrooge, The King and I, and Oliver. Michele thanks all of her teachers at SLCH.

Brendan Considine (Wickersham Brother) is thrilled to join the cast of Seussical! Previous credits include Grease (Doody), The Addams Family (Gomez), Jesus Christ Superstar (Peter), Legally Blonde, Crazy For You, Mary Poppins. Special thanks to Pat, Kerry, Andrew, Christine, Andrew, and Johnny for all their hard work.

Katie Considine (Bird Girl/Hunch) is a senior at St. Rose High School and a member of the Senior Dance Company at SLTD. She is so excited to play Bird Girl with the awesome cast of Seussical! She has previously been in Peter Pan, Crazy For You, Mary Poppins, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Grease and would like to thank Pat, Kerry, Andrew, Christine, and Johnny for all their hard work!

Jillian Daino (Who) is 7 years old and is a student at H.W. Mountz school.  Jillian is thrilled to be a part of Seussical. She has also performed in Oliver! as a workhouse kid and most recently in Scrooge as the FaLaLa Girl. She is a part of the theatre workshop program at the SLCH and also loves gymnastics. Hugs and kisses to Mom, Dad, Maddy and Michael.  

Danny DiTullio (Who/Soldier) is beyond excited to be in the production of Seussical! Danny is in the 3rd grade at Nellie Bennett in Point Pleasant. Danny is in his second year of the SL Theatre Workshop program and will be playing the role as the “Director” in Broadway Bound this Spring. Danny has been in many shows at the SLCH. He’s played Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland), Fagin’s Gang (Oliver) and Turkey Boy in (Scrooge). Danny also enjoys playing baseball, skiing, and is learning to play piano. Danny would like to thank his family for always supporting him.  Special thanks to Miss Pat, Miss Kerry, Miss Christine and Mr. Andrew and the entire Seussical team. 

Isaiah Drake (Grinch) is ecstatic to be playing The Grinch. This challenging character is unlike any other role he has ever undertaken at the SLCH, but he is excited to make it his own. He would like to thank Pat, Kerry, Christine, Andrew and all of the other directors who have instructed him over the years. And special thanks to Claire, too (couldn’t have done it without you). Break legs my dear cast members.

Anna Drudy (Who) is thrilled to be a part of this fun production. Her favorite role with SLTC was an Urchin in Scrooge. She would like to thank Miss Kerry, Mr. Andrew, Miss Christine and Miss Pat for all their support and encouragement.

Gwyneth Fahy (Cindy Lou Who) is very excited to be Cindy Lou Who in Seussical. You might have recently seen her as the Ghost of Christmas past in Scrooge. Gwyneth also belongs to the SLTD dance competition team. She would like to say thank you to Kerry, Christine, Andrew, and Pat!

Brendan Flanagan (Mr. Mayor) is thrilled to be back at SLTC for Seussical! Brendan has previously appeared on SLTC’s stage in The King and I (Captain Orton) and Crazy For You (Moose). Some of his other favorite roles include Luther Billis (South Pacific), Rocky (Damn Yankees), George Deever (All My Sons), R.H. Macy (Miracle on 34th Street), Elisha J. Whitney (Anything Goes), and both Charlie Cowell and baritone in the Barbershop Quartet (The Music Man). Thank you to Pat, Kerry, Christine, Andrew, and Johnny for all their hard work and support! And thank you to this incredibly talented cast for making the Seussical experience a wonderful one! Break legs and have fun, everyone!

Keegan Foy (Jojo) is beyond thrilled to appear in Seussical as JoJo. She made her debut on the Spring Lake Theatre stage in Scrooge five years ago as Tiny Tim and has since performed numerous times as The Ghost of Christmas Past and this previous year as an urchin. Over the years, she has also appeared in Peter Pan, The King and I and Mary Poppins. Keegan is a Junior Company dancer in the Spring Lake Theater & Dance Company and a Theater Workshop student. She would like to thank Miss Pat, Miss Kerry, Miss Christine and Mr. Andrew for making Seussical her favorite stage experience to date and hopes everyone that attends the show remembers… “Anything’s Possible!”

Brenna Furniss (Who) is thrilled to be a part of Seussical and enjoys Workshop and Dance at SLTD!

Laurett Gannon (Mrs. Mayor) is so thrilled to be in Seussical with such a kind, talented, joyful and creative cast and production team! Some favorite roles have included Miss Hannigan in “Annie”, Domina in “…Forum”, Rose in “Gypsy”, Ruth in “Pirates of Penzance” and Mrs. Fezziwig in the SLTC’s annual production of “Scrooge”. Special thanks to Shore Favorite, Joe Ronga, for convincing me to join him in this Jungle of Nool – I am so proud of you!! For Desi.

Abbey Gerdes (Who) is excited about her first performance with Spring Lake Theater Company!  Abbey currently takes voice lessons with Mrs. Kait Holloway and sings for Mr. Andrew Ferrie in her 5th Grade Chorus at Nellie Bennett Elementary School.  Abbey also dances at the Academy of Dance in Point Pleasant, NJ under the direction of Mary Jo Garman.  When Abbey is not singing and dancing you can find her shooting hoops on the basketball court or catching waves on her surfboard.  Abbey would like to thank the cast of Seussical for taking her under their wings in her first stage performance! Special thanks to Mr. Ferrie and Mrs. Holloway for encouraging her to audition!!

Kait Holloway (Mayzie LaBird) is thrilled to be back on this stage! She’s had so much fun learning every page. Some of her favorite roles she loved to play: Were Cathy (The Last 5 Years), Louise (Gypsy) and Penny (Hairspray). She’d like to say a great big THANK YOU, to Pat, Kerry, Christine and Andrew. This one’s for her Bubsie, you’re the very best, Because of you, she is truly blessed.

Bridget Hughes (Gertrude McFuzz) is thrilled to be back with Spring Lake Theatre Company! You may have seen her as Isabel in Scrooge in 2012. Her favorite credits include Beauty and the Beast (Belle), Little Women (Jo March), Shrek, and Rock of Ages. She works for Six Flags Entertainment as a performer and recently wrote and directed a stage show for their 2016 Halloween season. She’d love to thank the entire cast and crew for this wonderful experience.

Ryan Josaitis (Wickersham Brother) is very excited to be in Seussical as a Wickersham Brother! He is a freshman at Point Pleasant Borough High School. He is new to theater and singing. This past fall he was in his first production, Little Women, at PPBHS and he will perform in their spring musical, Sister Act. He would like to thank Mr. Ferrie for his encouragement and tutelage in singing, as well as Ms. Kerry and Ms. Patty Barry for giving him this wonderful opportunity!

Maura Kerr (Who) is thrilled to be a part of Seussical! She is a 4th grader at H.W. Mountz School in Spring Lake. Maura is in her 3rd year as a student in the Spring Lake Community House Theatre Workshop Program. Her favorite past roles include the FaLaLa girl in Scrooge and a Workhouse Child in Oliver!. When she’s not performing Maura swims competitively and plays basketball and soccer.

Anastasia Konczyk (Jungle Animal/Fish/Hunter) is so excited to be playing the part of a hunter, jungle animal, and fish. This is Anastasia’s 10th performance with Spring Lake Theater Company. Some favorite roles include Marta in The Sound of Music, Patty Simcox in Grease, Young Fan in Scrooge , and many more. Anastasia would like to thank Pat, Kerry, Christine, and Andrew for this amazing experience.

Olivia Kutcher (Who) Olivia Kutcher has been in Spring Lake Theater Workshop for 3 years.  She has appeared in Shrek Jr., Oliver, and Scrooge, but her favorite role was Princess Jasmine in Aladdin Jr. Olivia is in 5th grade at Brielle Elementary School and her main hobbies are singing and acting.  Love to her family and friends!

Sarah Lynch (Vlad Vladikoff/Jungle Animal/ Fish) is a senior at Communications High School and is so excited to be participating in her first mainstage show with Spring Lake Theater Company. She has participated in SLTD’s workshop program since freshman year. She would like to thank her mom, dad, Jillian, Kerry, Andrew, Christine, and the whole cast and crew of Seussical for making this experience possible! 

Erin McDonald (Bird Girl/Hunch) has been a part of the Spring Lake Community House since she was two years old. She participated in the Theatre Workshop program for 7 years. Erin has performed five productions of Scrooge. She was also in Crazy For You, Jesus Christ Superstar, Mary Poppins, and Grease. She is a member of Senior Company in the dance program. She would like to thank Pat, Kerry, Christine, Andrew and her parents for all of their support!

Jordan Muraglia (Thing 2) is thrilled to make her debut with Spring Lake Theater Company under the tutelage of her favorite music teacher, Mr. Ferrie! Her past theatrical credits include, A Christmas Carol, Charlottes Web, Meet Me In St.Louis, & Shrek. Jordan is a super active 9 year old who will be competing in the USA Gymnastics State Championships this month. Other activities include singing in the Dove Choir at Pt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church, Travel Soccer, Ballet, Musical Theater, and Running Club (Sole Sisters). Jordan would like to thank Ms. Barry, Ms. Kerry, Ms. Christine and Mr. Ferrie for giving her this opportunity to be a part of this super amazing production!

Fiona O’Brien (Who) is 11 years old. She’s been seen on the Spring Lake Theatre stage in many performances throughout the past five years, including four seasons of Scrooge, being her favorite performance.

Brian Pollock (General Ghengas Khan Schmitz) is excited to appear in his fourth production at the SLTC (five if you count his his critically acclaimed appearance as “turkeyboy” in the 1987 production of Scrooge). He recently returned to stage on the coattails of his talented son, Liam, who, along with his daughters (and loves of his life) Sidney and Mia, occupy the bulk of his free (and not so free) time.  He would also like to thank Alexis, his wife and best friend, for her continued support. Not to be forgotten are the wonderful and talented cast and crew of the show, including Kerry, Christine, Andrew, Johnny, and all the rest -who are too many to name. Thanks to all for their hard word, dedication and confidence.

Liam Pollock (Who/Soldier) is excited to return to SLTC’s stage in Suessical.  Liam has previously appeared in Oliver!, Mary Poppins and Scrooge. Liam is in the third grade at Manasquan Elementary School and loves to sing, read and build things. Liam thanks Pat, Kerry, Andrew, Christine, Johnny, and the entire cast and crew for making this a great experience.

Victoria Puharic (Who) is so excited to be in Seussical, and wants to thank Mrs. Kerry, Ms. Pat, Ms. Christine, and Mr. Andrew. She loves theatre and has been in theatre workshop program for 6 years!

Chloe Rehill (Elephant Bird/Who) Chloe and Ms. Kerry started working together when Chloe was three! Ms. Kerry instructed her in dance. After a brief time apart, Ms. Kerry welcomed 7 year-old Chloe into Theatre Workshop where Chloe blossomed into a Young Fezziwig for the 2016 production of “Scrooge”. Chloe is thrilled to be in the cast of Suessical as Elephant/Bird and playing along side her friends as a Who! Being part of the SLCH is such a thrill for Chloe, she is learning so much. She would like to thank Ms. Kerry for her love, support and guidance. Chloe would like to thank everyone who supports her young career, especially her family! 

Ben Ricker (Who/Soldier) is so excited to be in Seussical. He was last seen in Scrooge as a Fezziwig Child, and Alice in Wonderland as the King Of Hearts.  He attends the theater workshop program here at the SLCH.  He would like to thank Ms. Kerry,  Ms. Patty Barry and Mr. Ferrie (who inspired his love of acting).

Holly Robertson (Bird Girl/Hunch) is a sophomore at RBC. She has performed in various shows here at the Community House including Crazy for You, Mary Poppins, Grease, and many others. She would like to thank her family and friends and all those involved in Seuss for making it a great show!

Joe Ronga (Horton the Elephant) is ecstatic to be back on the Spring Lake stage. He was last seen as Mr. Bumble in Oliver! His favorite SLTC credits include: Captain Hook (Peter Pan), King Sextimus (Mattress), Manolo (Odd Couple-Female Version), Marcellus Washburn (The Music Man) and a Drugstore Cowboy (The Will Rogers Follies). Joe has a BA in Fine Arts from Rider Univ. and a MA in Education from Monmouth Univ. Joe has been a third grade teacher for 16 years and loves all his students, past and present! Joe is humbled and honored to share the stage again with the brilliantly talented, B-Con and wants to give a big shout out to Sarah for all the laughs. He dedicates his performance to his beautiful, loyal friend: The Amazing Jenny. Someone who has never made him feel alone in the universe.

Devon Roth (Thing 1) is excited to be making her SLTC debut in Seussical! She is a fifth-grader at Indian Hill School in Holmdel, where her favorite subjects are Literacy and Math. She’s had 8 years of dance and acrobatic training, and currently attends Middletown Dance Academy. She’s also finishing her second year with the Rutgers University Junior Knights Dance Team. When she’s not practicing in a studio or performing in front of an audience, Devon keeps busy reading, playing soccer, choreographing contortion routines and playing her violin. She’d like to thank her Seussical family for making this experience so much fun and all that she hoped it would be.

Claude Schmincke (Cat in the Hat) has been in numerous roles, he’s sung and he’s danced on the tip of his toes, But a cat wearing hat he never has done, so now he expects to have oodles of fun!

Maggie Schneider (Who) is happy to be playing the part of a Who in this exciting production. Her heartfelt appreciation goes out to Miss Pat, Miss Kerry, Miss Christine, Mr. Andrew, and the entire Seussical production team and cast.”

Peyton Spencer (Wickersham Brother) is thrilled to be a Wickersham brother in Seussical! She performed in the 2015 & 2016 productions of Scrooge, Oliver!, and played Alice in Alice in Wonderland. Sincere thanks to Miss Kerry, Miss Christine, Mr. Andrew, and Miss Pat.

Sydney Spencer (Jungle Animal/Fish/Hunter) is so excited to be in another great production at the SLCH! Her favorite roles include Wendy in Peter Pan, Fiona in Shrek, and an Urchin in Scrooge. She would like to thank Miss Kerry, Miss Christine, Mr. Andrew, and Miss Pat for another wonderful show.

Sarah Steenland (Bird Girl/Hunch) has previously performed in SLTC’s productions of Jesus Christ Superstar, Mary Poppins, and Grease. She has danced since the age of two; she is a senior company member at the Spring Lake Community House. She would like to thank Pat, Kerry, Christine and Andrew for the opportunity to star as a bird girl in Seussical and she would also like to thank them for their excellent leadership, choreography and musical skills.

Emily Strassheim (Bird Girl/Hunch) is thrilled to be making her debut with Spring Lake Theater Company in Seussical! She would like to thank her family and friends for their endless support, as well as Andrew, Kerry, Christine, Pat, and the rest of the cast for all their hard work on this incredible show!

Grace Sweeney (Who) is in 3rd grade and attends Betty McElmon Elementary in West Long Branch. Grace is thrilled to be performing in her first Spring Lake Theater Production along side her brother Jack. Grace has performed on the Count Basie stage in Phoenix Productions Evita (Childrens Chorus) and A Christmas Story (Nancy). Other credits include Annie (Orphan), The Little Mermaid (Arista), Aladdin (Narrator), and The Lion King (Gazelle, Hyena). In her free time she takes voice lessons, piano, and dance. Grace would like to thank the production staff and cast for making Seussical a great experience. Special thanks to her family and friends for their love and support.

Jack Sweeney (Who/Soldier) is in 5th grade and attends Frank Antonides School in West Long Branch. Jack is excited to be performing in his first SLTC Production. Jack has performed on the Count Basie Stage with Phoenix Productions in Mary Poppins (Michael Banks), Evita (Childrens Chorus), Peter Pan (Michael Darling), and A Christmas Story (Randy Parker). Other credits include , A Christmas Carol (Tiny Tim), The Music Man (Winthrop Paroo), Cinderella (Jaq), The Lion King (Young Simba), and Your’re A Good Man Charlie Brown (Schroeder). He would like to thank the production staff and cast for making this experience so much fun! Special thanks to his family and friends for their love and support.

Hannah Teza (Jungle Animal/ Fish) has been a member of the SLCH family since 1st grade. She’s been in countless productions in and away from SLCH. She’s currently rehearsing for the Baker’s Wife in Into The Woods Jr. at Brielle Elementary School, and just started rehearsals as Chiffon in Little Shop Of Horrors here at SLCH. Big thanks to Kerry, Andrew, Christine, and Pat for all that you do!


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