Grease Cast Announced!

We were so impressed by the over ONE HUNDRED talented actors and actresses that we saw at Grease Auditions, and especially excited to see so many new faces and first-time visitors to SLTC! Everyone should be proud of their performances at the auditions and we hope to see everyone again in the future. In the meantime, here is our spectacular Grease cast!

Be sure to reserve your tickets now before we sell out!

Box Office Hours

Monday – Saturday 11:00am-5:00pm


Miss Lynch Elizabeth Kielty
Patty Simcox Erica Morreale
Cheer Squad Lily Winchester
Sarah Steenland
Erin O’Dea
Bella Matuch
Eugene Florczyk Benjamin Petruk
Jan Hannah Friedman
Marty Maggie Mihalcik
Betty Rizzo Allie Ambriano
Doody Brendan Considine
Roger William Naess
Kenickie Zachary James
Sonny LaTierri Tim diDomenico
Frenchy Victoria Vazquez
Sandy Dumbrowski Claudia Noto
Danny Zuko John Gnazzo
Vince Fontaine TBD
Johnny Casino DaShaun Williams
Cha-Cha DiGregorio Caroline Miele
Teen Angel Jeff Skalecki
Dance/Ensemble Female Lindsey Minarchi
Maggie Skalecki
Carolee Wagner
Theresa Miele
Anne Miele
Holly Robertson
Haley Smialek
Katie Considine
Erin McDonald
Emme Anderson
Erin Lucid
Dance/Ensemble Male Luke Morgan
Franklin Ricart
Matthew Conkling
Nicholas Solazzo
Christopher Hall
Ronald Roszkowski
Adam Dayton
Chris DiPierro
Alex Fernandez



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